17th FINA World Masters Swimming Championship,

10th to 20th August 2017

Dear Swimming Enthusiasts,

Registration is open:

Here’s a link to the FINA website: https://www.fina.org/content/17th-fina-world-masters-championships

There is an entry booklet pdf download that lists all requirements for travel and swimming.

Here are a few details and requirements:

  • If you participated in Kazan, you need only update your details using email address and old password. FINA should have contacted you already.
  • For the rest of you, to set up a profile/registration for yourself. You will need to complete this (including photo) before you can enter.
  • SAMS accreditation will be needed from Carole Bridges. Email her at bridges@clover.co.za with the following info.
    • A passport-style photo.
    • It will be quicker to include First Name, Initials, Surname, SSA Number & ID Number and the Name of the club. As she does not have that info at work.
    • If you don’t have the SSA number, it is constructed as follows:

Where YYMMDD = Birthdate

AAA       = First three letters of first name in ID book or Passport

B             = First letter of the swimmers second name as per ID book or Passport – if no second name then *

CCCC     = First four letters of the swimmers surname as per ID book or Passport – if the surname is fewer than four letters then add * in the remaining space

  • Passport to be scanned and sent as your ID document on FINA web site.
  • Identification photo to be scanned for site registration – very specific details so please read up


  • Visa to be applied for, if travelling on SA passport, 3 months prior to travelling. Embassy in Pretoria so only one CT visit per month. Cost of visa €60 (R900)
  • Insurance cover for medical for duration of stay, minimum €30 000. You can buy top-up insurance if you pay for your flight with your credit card
  • Various flight options available (Emirates, Turkish airlines…). Swimming dates are 14th to 20th August, so aim to arrive on the 13th at least. Open Water Swimming is 10th to 12th August


  • You will need to pay a Participation Fee of $65 (R910) and a per-event fee (max 5) of $18 (R250). These fees entitle you to free use of public transport in Budapest for the duration of the competition.
  • “To control the number of entries, the entry process of an event can be closed if the number of entries exceeds what can be handled in a 10 hour period of competition”. So, don’t delay. Last year the European Championships were oversubscribed in a week!


  • The booking form for the Estilo Hotel, where 20 rooms have been provisionally booked, was attached to the last newsletter. You need to reserve soon, but payment is only necessary by the end of June.
  • If you would like to share a room please let us know and we will send a list of all those who are planning to compete. We have made a block booking for about thirty people but may have under estimated your enthusiasm.

If you are planning to participate please let us know so we can set up a separate communication system and plan for relays. We do not wish to irritate the rest of the members with unwanted communication.

Team Manager:

Christine Donnelly has graciously accepted the role of Team Manager for the FINA World Masters Championship. Should you have any problems with registering you may contact Christine at chrisd856@gmail.com or 0834613422.

Looking forward to an exciting year of swimming competition