Annual Club Registration.
We are pleased to announce a partnership between Ultima Sports Nutritional Supplements and Cape Town Masters.

All registered club members of Cape Town Masters Swimming Club will receive a 10% discount for Ultima Sports Nutritional Supplements.
However, those who reregister before the 25 July 2018 will qualify for a 20% discount on their purchase of Ultima Sports Nutritional Supplements.
Once your subscriptions have been paid you will receive the discount coupon code.
Visit the Ultima page to view their products and shop

The Annual Club Fees are as follows:

Normal Cape Town Masters Swimming Club Members                    R700.00
Social Cape Town Masters Swimming Club Members                      R350.00

The social member’s fees are to encourage new members to join the club and attend the club galas.
Social members will not, however, be able to compete in the SA Masters Swimming Championship or have their times accredited with Western Cape or SA Masters records or qualifying times.

EFT payment of annual registration fees is to:
CT Masters Swimming Club
First National Bank
Account number: 50171115030 
Branch: Plumstead 
Branch Code: 201-109
Please reference your payment with
“Your Name” Registration
POP and queries should be sent to

New members kindly Click HERE to complete the registration form.