Hello crawlers, floaters and gliders

A few notes before you get into full holiday mode: Nationals reminder and a deadlineSAMS kit orderUltima shopping offerThis too: I await the Short Course Champs nationals results which SAMS is still working on and also confirmation of WP Champs dates and venue in the new year. I am able to advise that there will be a gala in January and two WP Champs meets in February. Details of these will be forwarded as soon as I receive them.

Your committee wishes you a happy holiday season wherever you will be and safety on the roads. And if you have any rough morning wake-ups, remember that you are only one swim away from a good mood (and a regmaker)

Yours festively
You will have received all the relevant forms and information. I ask (beseech) that you submit your entries well in advance of the deadline date, Wednesday 23rd January. Please submit POP with your entry and send to ctmastersswim@gmail.comCLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR SAMS KIT FOR NATIONALS. Please take note of payment and POP details. Either print out the form, scan and submit or send your order in an email.SAMS KIT
ULTIMA OFFER – a word from your Chairman (and a great Christmas gift idea)
We are very pleased to let members know the final details of the partnership between the Club and swimming nutritional specialists P2Life, for the Ultima Sports Products. We the members get a 10% discount on Ultima’s shake and adaptogen products as long as we present the code CTMasters10 when we purchase, either online or at the distribution depot in Westlake. In addition, the Club will earn something from each of our purchases as long as our combined Ultima purchases (ie all club members) exceeds R2 500 per month.
Our club will earn on a sliding scale, starting low but accelerating to a maximum of R5 000 per month. We think it’s a great deal for members, and the club which will put anything earned to good use.
Sign up online at http://ultima.co.za/account to create a profile for yourself for Ultima to reconcile your purchase (even if you are not buying online) or CTM will not earn anything.