PERRY CADIZ is the coordinator of the Relays at Nationals, a highly under-rated task. See her letter, below.  If this is your FIRST nationals champs with CTM, please let Perry have your times for your preferred strokes for the relays. Mail or message her directly  082 895 3937.
Hi All Nationals Swimmers
Please check that I have your requests below.
I am going to start working on the relays on Wednesday, so PLEASE will all swimmers confirm/decline relays where necessary.
F Du Toit: cant do the 4×50 medley relay
G Steyn: no 4×100 relay
F Abels: Pref free/back in 4×100 relay
Kate B: Pref breast/back in 4×100 relay
Andre S: fly for 4×100 relay
A Steenkamp: only breast and only medley relays
J Richards: no 100 fly
Rod: available for all
Luke L: Pref free/back in 4×100 relay
E Otterman: no 4×100 relay
Mark H: Pref breast/fly in 4×100 relay
M Fuchs: no back in any relay
J Southgate: Pref Back in medley relays
J Degenaar: no 4×100 relay
A Morrison: only free and back and no 4×100 relay
N Cones: not available for mixed 4×50 relay
M Olivier: not 4×100 relay unless desperate (breast or free only)
P Cadiz: available for all
Any other requests please send ASAP
Train well and see you soon